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We live in a small world, usually defined by 30 seconds. But that’s plenty of time for a beginning, middle and an end, with plenty of storytelling in between... Rocket House Pictures is a full service video production company based in Denver Colorado. We conceptualize and produce tailored films and videos, providing our clients with the highest quality cinematic experience.
Everyone has a story to tell. So... What's yours?



Who We Are:

Making videos that matter is a beautiful, simple idea. These films and videos should express our deepest-held beliefs because we want those films to influence the world in some positive way. At Rocket House, we believe in creativity but not just for the sake of art. We’re a family of inventive, talented, and diverse minds with a purpose: to connect people, products, and ideas through video and film production. We do it because we believe the right message can make a difference in someone's life. In addition, we like creating pretty things, just saying...

Our Culture:

We make better videos for better prices. Larger production houses have lots of overhead costs and the client ends up paying for more than just the video services provided. We run a tight ship: The guy who discusses your project with you will actually be the one shooting or editing it. We listen, learn, collaborate and are committed to impacting lives through our client's stories. Nothing gets lost in translation because everyone involved with the video is on the same page every step of the way.

Creating Experiences

We are storytellers and we believe that to engage viewers, a video must create an experience through sight and sound. We strive to create an enjoyable experience for our Clients – start to finish – on each and every project.

Making an Impact

Our goal with each project is to maximize our Clients’ communications results. We also aspire to stand-out in our industry, to be on the leading edge creatively and to positively impact the community in which we live and work.

Helping to Educate

Videos are important to the world. They take people to places they've never been before, they entertain you, they inform and teach you. To simply put it: we make videos and video helps people.

Changing the World

In theory, making videos that matter is a beautiful, simple idea. We make films and videos that express our deepest-held beliefs because we want those films to influence the world in some positive way. Seems perfectly straightforward, right?

Denver Video Production

Serving Colorado and Beyond

As one of the Top Video Production Companies in Denver, we are committed to producing innovative visuals to effectively convey your message. Attention to detail, communication, and a calm level headed approach to production management, has allowed us to continue working for some of the top brands and agencies in the industry. We take our work and our responsibility seriously. We don’t just deliver on our word. We exceed the vision. Every. Single. Time.

Denver Video Company

Our Services

In today's Digital Age, it is essential for businesses and entities to communicate with their customers through video. We produce all types of commercial, corporate videos, social, animation, music videos, training videos, short films, documentaries, digital and mobile videos for companies, agencies, brands, musicians, organizations, nonprofits, startups and businesses across all industries. Being a full service video production company, we make videos from start to finish - from creative idea conception to final video delivery. We can assist you with everything from Content Development and Scriptwriting to Casting and Locations. Rocket House Pictures is a comprehensive resource for all of your video production needs.


Photo and Aerials

Using the latest DRONE/UAV technology, we provide drone piloting, photography, filming, data and enhanced analytics for any type of project.

video production

Video Production

We provide script to screen video production services using the latest technology and trained videographers to produce high-end video projects.

script writing

Script Writing

We research your story, develop the narrative, create the action lines, screenplay & dialogues. Because a good script is the foundation of any good video.

motion graphics

Motion Graphics

We analyze your company's visual assets and promote good graphic solutions. We bring design elements and animations to life in a fun and painless way.



We help you stay organized while providing storytelling assistance. We log your media, create edits, color grade and master your footage into multiple formats for delivery.


Video Marketing

We plan a proper distribution strategy for your video, connecting it to the audiences you’re trying to reach through research that brings results.

One of the Top Video Production Companies in Denver

How we make Videos

Video production involves a lot of time, effort, and finesse. To produce a successful video, we've follow a step by step process. Over 15 years of experience has perfected our method.

Developing means coming up with (and flushing out) ways to achieve the main goal of your video. It’s important to have a vision and strategy in mind. It also includes coming up with a budget, writing a script and storyboards.
Pre-production refers to everything before we actually begin to film your video. Think of the pre-production stage as the planning stage. It includes scouting locations, casting talent, wardrobe, creating equipment and shot lists, obtaining permits and making a schedule.
The production process lasts from the first day of your shoot to the last day of your shoot. Although almost every detail concerning the shoot should have been planned during the pre-production stage, there’s still a lot of work to be done, including: Setting up lights and cameras and the actual filming of your project.
Once filming is completed, the post-production process begins. A lot of people mistakenly think that editing the footage together is all that the post-production stage consists of. This is actually one of the most involved parts of the video production process. Post-production typically includes the following: the editing, coloring, sound design and mixing, voice over work, Graphics and text and VFX.

Awards and Special Mentions

Rocket House Pictures has won some of the industry’s most prestigious awards for its work, which includes video production, animation, and customer service.

Our Portfolio

Welcome to our video production portfolio where you'll see different types of videos we've produced for our customers. Not seeing what you're looking for? Click here to watch ALL our videos.


Cucina Paradiso


To Better Days

Short Film

CROCS™ - Lee Hecht Harrison


Estella Dawn

Music Video

Parker, CO - Parks & Rec.


Shannon Reed


Truckers Against Trafficking

Training/Short Film

Boys & Girls Clubs


Navajo Incorporated


Colorado State Capitol


The Lurchers

Music Video

A Different Method: NATURE


Telluride Horror Show




Action Figure Film Festival


TREE Plotter by Plan-it GEO


CROCS™ - Playerlync




Colorado Dept. of Local Affairs


BVM Corporation


Biochar Reactor Prototype


MuckFest MS



Music Video

The River is Moving

Short Film

Estella Dawn

Music Video

The Creative Team

It takes a high-performing team to deliver the best-in-class service our clients expect. At Rocket House Pictures, people are our greatest asset. Each of our team members represents the best talent within their discipline, bringing a unique point of view to the table. We are committed to fostering an inclusive workplace and valuing a variety of ideas and perspectives. In doing so, we provide exceptional video services for our clients and communities around the globe.

Gio Toninelo

Gio Toninelo


Gio coordinates and controls matters such as development, financing and production. He's also the chief over the camera and lighting crews. Award-Winning cinematographer.

Jennifer Le Grand

Jennifer Le Grand

Line Producer/Art-Director

Marshall your project from idea to editorial execution. She's the production manager that lines up the resources you need.

Mark Joseph

Mark Joseph

Camera Assistant/Gaffer

Mark is responsible for the set-up and operation of our cameras, including choosing the correct lenses and filters. He also manages the electrical department.

Eric Hall

Eric Hall


Eric is our second camera operator and b-roll specialist. Exceptional camerawork and lighting skills.

Glauber Santos

Glauber Santos


Camera Operator and DoP, Glauber has an eye for detail and a mind for fast invention.



Covert Action Team

Seven, MoonPie & Xuxu. Our cute space cadets. This special team demonstrates a deep understanding of the art of snuggles, power naps, as well as greeting visitors at Rocket House Pictures.

Dream + Record = Affect.

Video Production Services that deliver results. Whether it’s a one-off production or a full content campaign, we’re ready to be your “in-house” video partner. We’re here to help you tell your story properly while making the most of your investment.

Films & Videos

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Official Selections

Denver Video Production

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”A film is never really good unless the camera is an eye in the head of a poet."
- Orson Welles


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