RAMYA: “Why Can’t we Love” (official video)

  • Director:
    Gio Toninelo

  • Category:
    Music Video

  • 2nd Unit:
    Eric Hall

Born Dec 7th, 1999 Ramya is a 17 year old inspiring singer. She is a dancer, a model, and a gymnast who competes at the High School level. Born and raised in Colorado, she started her gymnastic and dance career at the tender age of 2. As an early teen her parents realized how much she loved to sing and helped her pursue her love of singing. Ramya sings at her High School Ensemble choir where she has had several solos. She plays the piano and trains with a voice coach at the local Performing Arts Center.

Rocket House Pictures developed a concept based on Ramya's vision for the video. Filmed at the Bakery Downtown, the video opens a dialogue between race and friendships.

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